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Romantic Road

In fact, the Romans built the road, one hears today. Even this has its correctness, for the southern section, at least, and if you do not bother, that the Via Claudia is like the Romantic Road to Augsburg to Füssen follows the Lech, but the paths are not identical. In the year 47 AD, the Via Claudia Augusta on Reschen Fernpass and feet up on to Augsburg and further led to the Danube.

She is the best known and most popular German tourist route. 350 km romantic lead in a diverse cultural landscape along the Romantic Road from Main, the Franconian wine country to the Alpine peaks! This dream route between Würzburg and Füssen gives travelers the historic town with impressive buildings and historical sites, which to this day retains its original appearance have the route crosses the lovely Tauber valley, the heart of the Ries Ries Nördlinger located, the picturesque Lechfeld the Pfaffenwinkel - the land of farmers, artists and monks in the Upper Bavarian Alps - and finally reached the familiar fairy-tale castles.

The name Romantic Road expresses what many domestic and foreign guests at the sight of this wealth of scenery, western history, art and culture experience: the fascination and back in ancient times. A journey on the Romantic Road, however, offers much more than beautiful landscapes and culinary delights. Even big names accompany the trail: Balthasar Neumann, who created the Würzburg Residenz, Tilmann Riemenschneider in the charming and Taubertal Carl Spitzweg, Rothenburg of Dinkelsbühl and was thrilled. There are geological Ries. In Augsburg we come to the Romans and the Fuggerei the first social housing development from the 16th Century. The Wieskirche (UNESCO World Heritage Site), one of the most famous artworks of the rococo is Pfaffenwinkel. Schwangau, the village of the royal palaces is located, surrounded by four lakes, against the backdrop of the Ammer Mountains nature reserve.
At the foot of the mountains are the two world-famous royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Castle two spectacular buildings of the 19th Century. This world-famous fairytale castles of the Bavarian King Ludwig II and Crown Prince Maximilian are made to rock dreams of bygone days and include the Romantic Road at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. Immediately on the edge of the Alps and on the border of the neighboring province of Tyrol is 800-1200 meters above sea level the highest town in Bavaria Füssen. The perfectly preserved late medieval city is home to many art treasures and monuments. High above the city formed church, the monastery of St. Mang, and the High Castle - former summer residence of the prince bishops of Augsburg - a unique ensemble. From here is a trip to Germany's highest mountain - the Zugspitze with 2964 meters - to be recommended. From here you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the countless Alpine peaks of Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

But for all to see and experience, you should already own this traffic route, which is also a well-marked bicycle route "route Romantic Road" is (map of cycling, hiking and packages are available). The many friendly inns with their culinary delights along this route from Main to the Alps, to load up for the trip or to stay. On a journey of discovery along the Romantic Road and Bustouristen go motorists, cyclists and camping friends, lovers and gourmet festivals. On the tour you'll experience a piece of Earth, 2000 years old culture and of course romance. Attempts should be visited, the many castles and monasteries not only as a reminder of feudal times to visit, but as a magical backdrop for glittering concert experience. Happy Holidays, concerts and cultural events take place throughout the year to take this route instead. Also - nothing like that.
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